Westchase Legal Center | PIP Litigation
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PIP Litigation

As any Florida medical provider who treats auto accident patients can surely attest, the promise of the “swift and virtually automatic payment of claims” envisioned by the legislature when Florida Statute §627.736 was enacted has not been realized.  Whether it is a code reduction, a denial of coverage, “independent” medical examination cut-off, or any of the litany of excuses the insurance companies utilize for the non-payment of claims, swift payment is becoming more and more rare, and hardly automatic.
At Westchase Legal Center we are dedicated not only to maximizing the recovery for each and every service rendered, but doing so in a manner that provides the greatest ease and efficiency to our clients.  We utilize modern cloud based applications that allow seamless communication between our Firm and its clients, making provider forms, as well as all documents regarding your case or demand available to you at any time. We appreciate a busy medical professional’s responsibilities and work to make our services as client friendly and unobtrusive, while maintaining an unending dedication to recouping your under or unpaid benefits.
Westchase Legal Center does not, nor has it ever, included any portion of the previously overdue benefits in its charges to clients for demand letters.
If your PIP claim has been delayed, denied or underpaid, schedule your free consultation with our law firm today. Contact us online or call us at 813-926-0222.